Monday, July 21, 2008

"ZeeZee Sleep Over!"

We lost count of how many times she said that on Friday.

When Lissy was a tiny baby, I remember Kenzie saying, "I can't wait til she's old enough to walk and talk and really play with me." Well, the time has definitely come!
Kenzie spent the night this past Friday and those two cousins had SO much fun. They snuggled on the couch, watched Nick Jr., and Kenzie even taught Lissy how to play Ring Around the Rosie. Good times. I was able to capture quite a few of them on camera for your viewing pleasure. ;)

She is getting SO big. It is bittersweet. More sweet than bitter, though, I think. She is EXTREMELY interactive, has a massive vocabulary, and absolutely nothing gets by this kid. Smart as a whip. Still has a good appetite, too. I guess it's not too surprising that she LOVES black olives (just like Daddy) and is a major chocoholic (just like Mommy). That's our girl!

I cannot believe our baby is gonna be two in just two more months!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At the Car Wash...At the Car Wash, Yeah!

Daddy decided to wash the Charger on Saturday and guess who reeeeally wanted to help?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Comings and Goings

That's what I've been doing lately - coming and going, coming and going. I like keeping busy. Not so busy that I don't have plenty of time to chillax (how do ya like that word?!), but busy enough that Liss and I don't get stir crazy on weekdays while Daddy's at work. Balance in all things, I say. Not big on astrology, but Libras are all about balance.

My laptop has been running pretty sluggishly, which is part of the reason it has once again been awhile since I wrote in this here blog. Getting pictures ready to post on here (editing and resizing them) takes half of forever, but today I finally took some time to do it. First, some pictures of Mom, me, and Liss. As you can tell, we had some fun with the distortion "lenses" of my webcam. Mom looks like John Goodman, doesn't she? And the one of me--that's what I would look like if I weighed 600 pounds. Suddenly I'm REALLY jonesing to go to the gym.

And the last two pics are....well, the first one is self explanatory. She IS spoiled rotten! And the last one is from last weekend when she and Daddy were sharing fishy crackers (the flavor-blasted kind, even!). Those two love to sit on the couch and eat.

Hopefully I'll write again soon!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


It's a gorgeous day today. Finally feels like summer! Lissy loves bubbles!
I even planted some fl'ers out front today. I never plant fl'ers but I planted fl'ers! Now I want more fl'ers so I can plant some in the back, too!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I just had to post this picture of my girlie in the cute outfit she wore today. Isn't it so cute?! I love having a girl!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For days, I could not get into my blog! would not accept my user name and password, no matter what I tried, and when I tried to have them send my password to me via email that didn't work either! ARRRGGGGHH! is VERY confusing sometimes.

At any rate, here I am, FINALLY writing. I hope you haven't given up on me!

I have no clue why it's underlining everything.

So, what to write about? I'm going SHOPPING tomorrow with half of our stimulus money!!! I cannot wait!!! Tonight I'll probably dream about clothes and sandals and purses and Bath & Body Works stuff. I just cleaned out my closet and filled two huge bags with clothes for goodwill - stuff that I know I'll never wear again cuz it hasn't fit since I was 18. Seriously. It will feel GOOD to get rid of all that clothes that just took up space in my closet. And I even made a list of what I want to buy (summer shirts, jean shorts, khaki shorts, a pair of jeans, sandals, summer jammies, etc). Speaking of summer jammies -- I think my hubby will be pleasantly surprised when he notices that I finally PITCHED all my ugly, stained, misshapen pajamas! They are in the trash can as we speak. Tomorrow I plan to buy very cute summer jammies, which I plan to wear all summer. Just because I'm an old, married mom does not mean I have to look like a frump every night when I go to bed. Oh, tomorrow will be SO much fun!!

Liss has been doing GREAT. She's talking. And talking. And talking. And talking. I think she loves to hear her own voice. It's very entertaining and (usually) very adorable. She LOVES the kids' room at the gym now. She looks forward to going and as soon as I set her loose in there, she runs around and looks right at home. She even waves when I leave the room and says, "Bye bye, Mommy!" That is AWESOME, because I'm usually there for an hour and 15 minutes each time...and it's wonderful to know she's having fun with the kids and the toys in there while I whip my jiggly buns into shape. I love that place. Love it. Have I mentioned that I LOVE that place?

However, I tried on like twenty pairs of shorts tonight and the vast majority of them were tooooo small. Depressing. Very depressing, indeed. But, like I said, a lot of those clothes have been around since pretty much caveman days. Being a wife and having a baby do things to one's body. Gravity-type things. So I will be buying plenty of shorts tomorrow.

Okay, this entry is so boring I'm yawning. I guess things have been pretty same-old, same-old since my last entry. Either that or I'm too lazy to think hard about what else to write about. Transcription has been going great. I've done four projects so far. Baking is going well, too. I'm baking Charlie's birthday cake this weekend and three different kinds of biscotti next Monday. I baked cupcakes just for us this past weekend, and come Monday I threw several of them in the garbage. They were delicious, but the problem was - I was EATING them.

I am currently reading Debbie Macomber's newest novel, Twenty Wishes. Loving it. She is bar none my favorite author, followed closely by Karen Kingsbury and Robin Jones Gunn.

Well, I gotta rest up for tomorrow's spree, so without further ado, please enjoy these recent pictures of the love of my life.

I showed her how to put a crayon up her nose. Very mature. And very safe. Well, I'm still the crazy weirdo I've always been, so......

Took this one just a little while ago, cuz she just looks so stinkin' cute today.

And this is from this afternoon when her best buddy, Charlie was over. Two peas in a pod. A storage bin, rather.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Slacker, the Sequel

So, I kinda go through phases where I don't feel like blogging and then phases where I do. Thus ends (hopefully) the phase where I don't.

Lissy got her first "real" owie yesterday. We were up in Green Bay at Betsy's wedding and Grandpa was playing with her in the church nursery. They were having a grand time, when all of the sudden the little thing she was riding in tipped over and sent her face first onto the floor. As you can see, she scraped her nose pretty good. It's also red and sore under her nose, due to the snot that has been running freakishly quickly out of said nose. I did not know it was possible for one small nose to produce such abundant quantities of snot. I don't think she has a cold. There are no other symptoms. But this poor girl has her Mommy chasing her around with a wad of Kleenex during her every waking minute. Hence, the red undernose. I've been calling her "Rudolph."

And in other news, Uncle Terry visited this past week from Michigan. This was the first time she met him and she took to him very quickly, as if she knew right away that he was family. He got bonus points for sharing his glass of ice water with her.

During that same visit, she wanted to walk in Grandpa's shoes and was surprisingly successful in doing so. What if her feet were really that big? She could make us millions by being a carnival sideshow.

Hmmm....what else? I've been working out at Cardinal Fitness 4 times a week and I just LOVE it! I haven't noticed any weight loss yet, but I'll keep plugging away! I think I have a love affair with the elliptical machine. And I'm extremely fond of the weight machines that work my abs. Hopefully the elliptical isn't jealous. I still think it is SO motivating to work out among several other people who are working out. As for the handful of guys who sound like they're trying to pass the world's largest turd while they lift hundreds of pounds of barbell weight, well - they're just weird.

Only one transcription assignment so far, but I hope to get at least one or two good ones this week!

OH! I got a new VACUUM today!!! FINALLY!! A Bissel. I am truly thrilled, because this house needs some SERIOUS work. It is a PIT. We gave Toskey to a new family so we are blissfully animal-free. Our poor house has smelled like a pet store for months - I am so serious. I cannot wait to get all the last traces of litter OFF of my laundry room floor and vacuum all the last traces of long cat hair!! Maybe someday when we have a bigger house and there's more room for air to circulate and a better place to keep the nasty litter boxes, we will have another cat. Maybe.

Bunco is fun.